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Advancements in high reliability interconnection systems: miniaturization of connectors for the new high speed digital electronics

Published by Omnetics Connector Corp.

This white paper reviews the improvements and changes needed to serve a very rapid demand or modernized interconnection and wiring systems that serve the new electronic applications in  defense, space satellites and portable electronic systems. New electrical power, high speed signal transmission and data collection systems are being used in current semiconductor device driven circuitry in significantly different ways from our past. Interconnection systems must host and deliver new combinations of circuit and signal formats and power levels as well as maintain the highest signal integrity of data being processed from one module to the next. Surveillance and vision systems are chartered with collecting more information, more rapidly at higher resolution. Satellite positon control and direction management demand the highest of controls from inside the instrument as well as from remote sites. Unmanned defense products from missiles to drones process massive volumes of data at extreme signal speeds to detect, guide and follow both computerized controls as well as remote signal directions. Ground troops in the field are being kept in constant communication and control their individual remote vehicles and equipment using the newest of ruggedized portable electronic devices. Maintaining signal quality and routing both analog and digital data over the process of these applications has proven to be both challenging and successful. Lessons learned and key elements considered will be covered in this white paper.

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